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While we have been quiet a lot last year, we hope to have more in depth guides and posts on the site this year. While our stats may not be huge we can report that there are over 200 subscribers now for this site with over 1400 unique hits a month.


In the first Quarter of this year, along with Quids In, are creating a leaflet labelled “beating the bailiff”, which is based on our Rent Arrears post from our 3 step series. This should hopefully help reduce ground 8 evictions and also help Landlords from losing out on rent.

Our subreddit LegalAdviceUK has grown to over 500 subscribers and we shall be looking at the common questions coming up there and writing a few guides to help.

We shall be working to update our top 100 blog list. The update will let you segment the blogs by field etc. If you have a blog or wish to help leave a comment below.


We are looking for more volunteer writers for the site to cover benefits, consumer law and other areas. If you wish to join us, please contact us today.

If you have any areas or topics you wants us to cover please get in touch.

Site updates for the new year by
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Arfan Bhatti is a Qualified Solicitor practicing Property and Public Law department dealing with all property related work and Judicial Review cases against public bodies.Read more about Arfan or give him a call.

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