This page contains free, low cost or “essential” legal training programmes by a variety of providers.

Legal Aid Training – CPD Varies

The site covers:

  1. Transforming Legal Aid (Crime)
  2. Transforming Legal Aid (Civil)
  3. Legal Aid Reform

Volunteer Experience

Sas Law School – They provide free training and experience on attending court and taking notes. A useful skill to have.

Free Representations Unit – essential experience especially for tribunal hearings (benefits and employment)

CAB – Front line advice hitting a large range of areas with an added bonus of a possibility of a QCF Legal Advice qualification.


Housing outside the Housing Act

David Carter and Jamie Burton examined the circumstances in which the law requires public authorities to provide accommodation to persons who are not entitled to mainstream housing assistance under the Housing Acts.  In particular those who have a need for “care and attention” under the National Assistance Act 1948, when families with children can hope to be accommodated under the Children Act 1989 and care for those previously detained under the Mental Health Act 1983.

Download the notes here

Housing Duty Scheme Training (possession et al)

No 53 Legal Limited and City Law School are taking volunteers and training them up in:

….on landlord and tenant issues (social and private housing), welfare benefits, disrepair, counterclaims, stay applications, mortgages (including advice regarding re-claiming unfair charges), as well as other areas in which clients may have difficulties which have led to them being in court for possession proceedings – these can be as diverse as immigration and insolvency.

This is in North London and worth a look if in the area. A trail by fire and being hit my multiple cases is the best and quickest way (IMO) to learn. Check out some more info here.

Dispute Resolution

The Housing Ombudsman Service are offering e-learning for Landlords and Designated People on how to deal with disputes.

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