A man’s home is his castle even if it is rented on occasions. You have certain rights regardless of how your home is your home.

Below are small guides in relation to Housing Law including possession. For related Homelessness see here.

AST Tenancy Deposit

Tenancy Deposits

When determining a private rented tenant’s right and their landlord’s obligation, the important question will be when the private rented tenant actually paid the deposit to the landlord/agent. This is extremely important as it may afford a tenant a defence Continue reading Tenancy Deposits

Section 21 Notice

Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 (as amended 1996 & 2004) allows a Landlord to regain possession of their residential property. A Section 21 Notice, allows the landlord to use their mandatory right to possession and landlords do not Continue reading Section 21 Notice

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