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As you can see just by looking at our site we here at Legal Notebook are all about learning. We have Free Law Guides and Free / Low cost Legal Training.

One of the best way to learn is via textbooks, seminars and lectures. Though this is not always practical when you are working or just lack time. The way we rely on a lot in the new digital world is to get our information via Blogs and Sites.

We have started our search for the top 100 UK blogs and sites that will help you learn and keep up to date with the law and ranked them as below (this is how we work it out and how you can improve your sites ranking).

However we need your help.Please let us know via our contact us page with the following information for your favourite online Blog that helps you.

1) Site Name
2) URL
3) Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn / G+ account if they have one

We are working hard behind the scenes to get this list updated monthly so it stays accurate and keep you on top! Keep an eye out for new features coming soon.

February 2014 Rankings – Top 100 Law Blogs


RANKSite NameWebsiteCat
1Shelter Housing
2Inside Housing
3UK Human Rights Bloghttp://ukhumanrightsblog.comOther
4CIEH – Environmental Health Legal news
5Leasehold Advisory Service
6Nealy Legal
7Head of Legal
8Contact Law
9Free Movement
10UKSC bloghttp://ukscblog.comOther
11Landlord Law blog
12Pink Tape
13Benefits in the Future
14Citizens Advice Housing Guides
15Family Lore
17Gamer Law
18Family Law Focushttp://www.familylorefocus.comFamily
19Binary Law
20Divorce Solicitorhttp://divorcesolicitor.blogspot.comFamily
21Charon QC
22Legal Aware
23Halsbury Law Exchange
25Corporate law and Governance
26Law Actually
27Magistrate’s Blog
28Housing Rights Service (NI)
29Legal Action Group news blog
30Alex’s Archiveshttp://www.alexsarchives.orgHousing
31Bloody Relationshttp://bloodyrelations.blogspot.comFamily
33PJH -Exclusively Employment
34LAG Housing Law bloghttp://laghousinglaw.comHousing
35Legal 4 Landlords
36Garden Court Chambers
37Anthony Gold solicitors blog – Housing Department
38Conflict of Lawshttp://www.conflictoflaws.netOther
39News on the Block
41Coalition Watchhttp://www.coalitionwatch.infoHousing
42Travellers Times (with law reports)
43IDS Eyehttp://www.idseye.comEmp
44UK Real Esate Blog eastate
45Housing Law Practitioners Association
46Garden Court North
47The EHPhttp://theehp.comHousing
48Legal Notebook
49Ombudsman Says..
50Employment law Advocates
51Coventry Viewhttp://alanlodge.wordpress.comHousing
52EU Law blog
54Employment Tribunal Claims
55Civil Litigation Brief
56William Flackhttp://blog2.wflack.comHousing
57Housing Law
58Family Law Week Blog
59Law Wizard and trust
61Leasehold lawyer
62The Small Places Health
62Prison Law Inside Outhttp://prisonersvoice.blogspot.comOther
63Community Law Partnership
64Geek Lawyerhttp://blog.geeklawyer.orgOther
65Renter Girlhttp://rentergirl.blogspot.comHousing
66Usefully Employed
67Painsmith’s bloghttp://painsmith.wordpress.comHousing
68Nic Madge
69Legal Spyhttp://legal-spy.blogspot.comOther
70Daniel Barnett’s employment updateshttp://danielbarnettemploymentlaw.blogspot.comEmp
71Naked Law
72Of interest to some lawyershttp://ofinteresttosomelawyers.blogspot.comOther
73Rowena Meager Property Lawhttp://rowenameager.comHousing
74Garden Court Social Welfare Law
75Nik Nicol, Barrister
76Life Death Taxes and trust
77Costs Barrister Costs

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