Housing Benefit

If you have a low income or on one of the ‘Main Benefits’ you will most likely be eligible for Housing Benefit to help with any Rent.

The figures of local housing allowance are different in each authority and will depend on your current income. www.london.gov.uk/rents  has a London Rents Map that shows average private sector rents for different types of home across London the Outer rate. Whilst www.gov.uk/housing-benefit/what-youll-get will find your local housing allowance rate by postcode or authority.

Discretionary Housing Payments

If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit and you are getting the maximum according to the LHA but still have a short fall, you may be eligible for DHP. You can pick up a form from your Local Authority and should fill it in with the required details and shortfall. this includes “Bedroom Tax” shortfalls as well as money to tide you over until you can move to a smaller / cheaper property. Some councils can also help for a Deposit or Rent Advance through this.

Housing Benefit - New Application Pre-action Letter

Following on from our recent Housing Benefit guides we will hopefully tackle another today. A number of clients have had partners join them from abroad or other change of circumstances while they have had an appeal on going. Regulation 20(9) Continue reading Housing Benefit – New Application Pre-action Letter

Bedroom Tax

The change From 1 April 2013, changes in housing benefit rules will take effect. These changes (called bedroom “tax” by Labour and opposition groups) will affect the amount of Housing Benefit paid to those renting from their Local Authority or Continue reading Bedroom Tax

Refusal of Housing Benefit for No National Insurance Number

This guide is aimed at households where one has a national insurance number and the other doesn’t causing  (at times) Housing Benefit being refused by the Local Authority. As with all our guides please note the information may become and Continue reading Refusal of Housing Benefit for No National Insurance Number