Below are a number guides that cover a number of areas of law. Click on one of the pages below for an overview and more specific guides

Legal Practice Course Revision Notes

I completed my LPC / Legal Practice Course at College of Law in Bloomsbury in 2009. I have a few friends who are doing the course now and the big exams namely Litigation, Business and Property law are now coming Continue reading Legal Practice Course Revision Notes

Managing Someones Affairs

Due to Disability, Old Age, Accident or otherwise you may be in a position where you are managing someone’s affairs. Or you wish to put safeguards in place yourself as an “insurance” policy. It is always better to be prepared Continue reading Managing Someones Affairs

Benefit Tribunal Appeals

If after a reconsideration the DWP or Local Authority still find you are not eligible for Housing Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Jobseekers etc or if they still feel there is an Overpayment due they shall refer the Continue reading Benefit Tribunal Appeals

Housing Benefit

If you have a low income or on one of the ‘Main Benefits’ you will most likely be eligible for Housing Benefit to help with any Rent. The figures of local housing allowance are different in each authority and will Continue reading Housing Benefit

EU Rights in UK

As the UK is part of the European Union and as part of freedom of movement et al EU citizens in theory have the same rights as UK citizens. However akin to other people from abroad EU citizen’s have a Continue reading EU Rights in UK


Due to circumstances Homelessness occurs for a variety of reasons and it is paramount that vulnerable people are helped as soon as possible. Below are Guides covering the main aspects of assistance available. Recent Posts


A man’s home is his castle even if it is rented on occasions. You have certain rights regardless of how your home is your home. Below are small guides in relation to Housing Law including possession. For related Homelessness see Continue reading Housing