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A solid resource is key to a Solicitor and case-worker. While we may love to reference case law we remember it’s always useful to have a star in your corner. When I started Housing Law I was heavily reliant on the first edition of Housing Law Casebook (not showing my age – just had an old book!).

During my resource hunt I noted the 6th Edition had been out for a while – with a typically average price tag (however pleased to see it’s on kindle as well now).

Hard copy available on Amazon

The book has been described as:

‘worth its weight in gold!’

‘a vital reference book’

Justice of the Peace
‘an indispensable point of first reference’

Law Society Gazette
‘an excellent addition to any legal practitioner’s library’

Civil Justice Quarterly
‘an immensely important book for practitioners’

Housing Law Casebook (6th Ed) Online

A little bit of digging I note LAG have this up for free online (i.e no purchase needed!). The added bonus here as long as you have internet this superb resource is free and updated on a bi-monthly basis.

Housing Law Casebook covers:
• Human rights
• Creation and termination of common law tenancies
• Security of tenure
• Grounds for possession
• Reasonableness
• Introductory and demoted tenancies
• Assured shorthold tenancies
• Tenants without security of tenure
• Trespassers
• Possession procedure
• Harassment and illegal eviction
• Disrepair and nuisance
• Service charges
• Mortgage possession claims
• Allocation and transfer
• Homelessness
• Housing outside the Housing Acts

Housing Law Casebook Online Free

You sign up for a new account and add the Housing Law Casebook to your subscriptions. It will make you go through a checkout but the price will be £0.00. Once subscribed you will have a screen like above. Just click the book and you are good to go.

Housing Law Casebook Online Free 2

You will be presented with chapters and sub pages as above once in the book and the search function as pictured below allows you to dig in and find the area of law you want. As always there is also an Index you can use as needed.

Housing Law Casebook Online Free 3

Housing Law Casebook Online Free 4

Housing Law Casebook Online Free 5

The only downside I see is that you cannot see the recent updates in a tab or page so it’s hard to track down recent case law.

However, this is a great resource while it’s still around for free and if useful – purchase it!

Housing Law Casebook (6th Edition) free by
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