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Sometimes you need answers fast and while we recommend calling CAB/ Law Society etc. this does not always happen.

We therefore have created LegalAdviceUK so you can get some answers to burning questions before you meet a solicitor etc. Please note however that:

The subreddit is intended for the discussion UK Law and Legal News and promoting help for people who need it .

Any advice found here IS NOT legal advice. Reddit is not a substitute for a qualified Solicitor.

Please only use responses as guidelines to better prepare yourself for when you meet with a Solicitor or legal advisor.

If you do obtain advice, please bear in mind that its nature is academic (as are guides / articles etc) please do not rely upon it to make decisions.

If you have a legal problem, you should consult a qualified solicitor. DO NOT rely on any advice given herein or in the linked posts – see a solicitor or visit the local CAB or Legal Aid Lawyer

Please also note that we may also copy the question and answers onto the this website as part of the content, or use it (without identifying details) in a book, ebook or some other related web content.

Please DO NOT give personal identifiable details.

In the alternative give Arfan a call at MTG Solicitors between 0930-1730 Monday to Friday

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  1. An online application paid for registration, but not yet posted.
    incorrect date of one of the attorneys in 21st instead of 25.
    Can this be altered.

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